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When I was faster I was always behind

December 5, 2012

August We did a rock crawl in Athol Joe and Vince loaded and hauled the RMOR rock garden and did the set up.Thank you guys.We had a good turn out. Justin came with his newly completed GM. The Bushpounders group came with all of their rigs. We had the RocBronc on site giving rides to any one that asked.Mike took his RMOR built Cj7 to the Rubicon for some laughs.

September We did a rock crawl in Spirit Lake. We provided the the RMOR rock garden and the City Parks Dept covered the Beer garden.Not too many participants but all that entered put on a great show.Thank you Guys. We took our boat the Bark Ark out of the marina for the winter and set it for storage in the shed.Sad

October We sold the RocBronc to Ken and his Wife.The gear business was busy as usual.The storage business was frantic all of our old customers and a load of new clients arrived in mass. We spent many days filling the buildings with boats, campers and rvs.I had some health issues.

November We turned out many custom rigs and as usual a lot of work in the gear shop.Made plans to build RocBronc 2.0.It will be a Tim design RMOR DOM tube chassis with coilovers double triangulated 4 link bumps sway bars and a Triton v10. Rolling on Detroit locked Rockwell axles.This will have an early Bronco skin and be as low as the old RocBronc.We added a couple of offroad enthusiast from Bonners Ferry to the supercrew at RMOR. Looks like we have to get more Christmas gifts.

Cj7 F250 Dana 60 Dana 60 Wilis Xj Toyota Toyota

March 5, 2012

Cj7; Our local beer salesman dropped of his black Cj7 for a set of RMOR long rear leafs and a RMOR narrowed Dana 44 for the front axle.

F250;  A local had us replace the timing set and distributor followed with exhaust gaskets and tune on a good old Ford ..

Dana 60; Ed had us set up his RMOR narrowed Dana 60 with a e locker 4.88 ring and pinion all spinning on a new set of bearings. this is going in his Cj7.

Dana 60; Tom has us building a RMOR hybrid Dana 60 Ford high pinion center with GM king pin tubes jigged up with the drop on the right side for his 87 GM Cummins truck.

Willis; Ken had me pick up his tubes out Willis for RMOR full hydro steering and RMOR rear disc brakes .

Xj; Holly and I ran to Spokane in a blizzard to pick up this rig it is getting a RMOR Dana 30 and some alignment upgrades.

Toyota; Destry and the Toyota guys showed up for a spool in a V6 housing so I set it up while they waited.

Toyota; I have to set up a set of 5.29 gears for another project in the area .

Scout F350 Chevy Wj F350 Cummins F250

February 9, 2012

Scout;  Cory’s red Scout was on the hoist for complete removal of the front suspension.This  in prep for a custom RMOR 3link front suspension with coils.We  fabbed it up this week and trailered to Dels for exhaust.

F350; RMOR has a ever changing inventory of complete trucks for sale.Tim called from Nodak in need of a utility bed Ford to out fit as a welding truck for the oil fields.  I offered a 1991 F350 dually we had in stock.We pulled it in the shop to do a tranny service a tune up and oil change. So it’s ready for his trip to frozen Nodak.

Chevy; Dan stopped by to outline the custom fabbed RMOR  front 4link complete with King coilovers. We already did the 4link and RMOR 9″axle on the rear and now its time for the front.When complete the GM will have King coil overs on all 4 corners linked and custom swaybars.All this trick stuff  so it can pull his 800 hp jet boat to the lake this summer.

Wj; Jeff installed the new engine in this RMOR stock unit ready for its new owner.

F350; Another Crew cab 4×4 in stock went to a new owner. A 1986 clean old work truck will be busy hauling firewood in beautiful north idaho this summer.

Cummins; Nick at CN Diesel is busy at it building the new common rail for our shop truck. The machine shop has bored and decked the block. The head was milled and new guides were pressed in topped off with a valve grind. The rotating assembly was also balanced.

F250; Joe’s plow truck broke the TTB housing on the drivers side so we went to the rescue with a complete RMOR TTB and did a field repair to get the work rig up and plowing again.

Holly Powerstroke Cummins Toyota Chevy Scout Ford 9″460 Actuators Ranger Bronco 58 Crewcab

January 23, 2012

Holly has had a tough Month with trips to the hospital and Doctors . She is a tough girl busy healing from the infection and Is doing ok for now, we expect surgury in the next months and some rcovery time to follow.

Powerstroke;  C N Performance Diesel completed the engine for our ’97 F350 crew cab. Jeff did the install and its ready for the road. I mean new owners.

Cummins; C N Performance Diesel is building a new commonrail engine for our ’03 quad cab dually. Nick is adding a 50 horse grind cam along with balancing the rotating assembly.This truck is going to be our new shop hauler with 6 speed trans 4wheel drive.  Nick will ad a tuner and some big exhaust.

Toyota; We replaced a rear qtr and fender on a customers Fourrunner cleaning up the rig.

Chevy; Dan had us build RMOR 4 link for the rear of his bobbed truck.Now we are building RMOR 4 link for the front with King coilovers to match the rear. This will clear the 38.5 Swampers on bead locks.

Scout; We replaced the exploded gears on the Dana 30 front.We used an RMOR ring and pinion a new carrier along with inner axle seals.Earl tore down and reassembled the unit to save me time.

Ford 9″; Randy from American customs sent over a customers pumpkin for a RMOR Trac Loc with 4.11 ring and pinion all set up in a WAR casting case. A box of bearings and a pinion seal and its ready to hit area rod runs and shows this summer.

460; We installed a RMOR 460 from inventory in a customers ’96 F250. The truck came to us a basket case,with the damaged engine in the canopy. Made for a bit of a puzzle. The unit turned out perfect.

Actuators; GM has used an electric actuator motor on their front axles for many years but this week we had a run of them come in inoperable. Three were replaced with RMOR units for many more trouble free miles.

Ranger; Brads new Ranger needs a shell, We had Him pick form 2 that were in RMOR inventory. We sat each on his rig for a good look. He went with a raised top style from Leer. Earl painted it to match the unit.

Bronco; Jack needed a C-4 auto/model20 Tcase combo for His early Bronco build. So we took one from RMOR inventory and had Jeff build the unit with all the upgrades.This was done to handle the 450 horsepower 351w in the EB.

’58 Crewcab; We made a road trip to Kellog last Saturday in the Green Dually with trailer in tow, to pick up a 1958 Ford Crewcab .. One of only 500 built for the Forrest Service. This is a new build for Earl he is putting the body on his ’79 donner chassis with a 6″ coil lift rolling on 37″ MTR’s this will be cool.

Hospital IH Patrol ?? Cummins SM465 LiftAll Going Green NP435 NP208 Cj5 Cj7

December 19, 2011

Hospital.Holly spent Thursday night in the E R. She was complaining of a tender painful tummy. She had a 102 temp and elevated white blood count along with a pulse of 96/84 not good. The cat scan showed an issue in her colin and blood work came back as a major infection. After a few I V bags of antibiotics and morfien for the pain she was released to my care (I’m a bad nurse). Back for blood work today and a decission about surgery.

IH.  Cory’s great pumpkin Scout is under the knife.Earl is  fabricating a RMOR 3 link for the full width GM Dana 44. Jeff is installing a new 345 IH. We are also doing a RMOR rear disc brake kit on the GM 14 bolt.

Patrol. Jeff and Earl dove into this build removing the Nissan transfer case that was adapted to the TH350.So we can install a Chad 205 and a RMOR poly mounted tube crossmember.We installed a Scout Dana 44 on top of the leafs to keep it low.In the front someone had done a lot of bad fab work, forcing us to start over we spent a day prepping the frame for a RMOR reverse shackle kit and a Dana 44 from a Wagoner on top of the leafs to match the rear level.A pair of RMOR drivelines and replumb the brakes and trans cooler lines to be ready for a new year of hunting.

??. RMOR has always supported our military so to continue this support we are doing a surprise build for a deployed soldier. Suspension first RMOR reverse shackles on long leafs for the front,also long leafs on the rear.A full width  Dana 44 8lug for the front, a Dana 60 for the rear. Some RMOR high steering along with rotating the knuckles on the RMOR housing jig.Then finish it up with a pair of RMOR drivelines.

Cummins. Steven and Cory dropped off a Dodge first gen 12 valve doner truck. For what? A 1959 F250 crew cab! One of 500 built for the railroad and forest service. more on this build to come.

SM465. My Polish friend needed a new shift tower for his Cj7 350/465 4 speed. So we pulled one from inventory before crushing this week.

LiftAll.Our shop fork lift has been down for some repairs.So far Astro electric has been into the starter twice to come up with the correct combo for the Ford 250 powered unit. It goes back monday for round 3, maybe this time it will be correct.

Going green. Trying to help our beautiful state clean up.We hauled 3 Chrysler mini vans ugh, 1 Dakota 4x, 1 Gm truck 2x, 1 Suburban 4x, 1 F250 4x to Richards for recycling this week making our state that much more attractive.

NP435. Nick called needing a Ford 435 4speed/1356 combo for Kc’s Xj Ford 302 conversion. We removed one from our going green  f250 recycling vehicles.

NP208. Conan dropped off a Gm 208 for a Th350 conversion we were doing. He is a great source for Gm components and he delivers!

Cj5. Jacks cool teal street pounder is a runner! Earl finished the aluminum head 383/Th400 swap. Now all we have to do is wait for the Dana 44 rear to explode so I can build a RMOR Dana 60 for him!

Cj7. Jack also dropped off his Girl friends really Red fiberglass Cj7 for a few upgrades.Some wiring issues and a set of 38″ Swampers on shinny new wheels.

Dana 44 Dodge Chevy Cj5 F250 F350 F350 F350 Toyota Nissan IH

December 10, 2011

So its been a while since my last BS. We have been a bit busy this week.

Dana 44; Tom had us build a Ford 8 lug high pinion for his retro plow truck.We had a donor axle in the RMOR inventory. I replaced the inner axle seals, some bearings,axle u joints and a nice splash of satin black. Mega Matt and I delivered it north of deer park.Thank you Tom.

Dodge. Well my polish buddy Matt Cj7 found a Dually bed for our latest heavy hauler.His Gpa inlaw Dale had removed a new bed with tail gate and bumper back in 2006.It was sitting next to his shop in the way.So Mega Matt,Jeff,Matt Cj7 and I hand loaded it on the trailer.Only after Matt Cj7 tripped  and Mega Matt was left holding all the weight of the bed. No one was killed in the loading of the dually bed..Had to be there it was fun to watch. Thank you Dale

Chevy. Dean brought us his bobbed Gm truck to do a RMOR triangulated 4 link and a 9″ ford rear axle..I built a RMOR spooled center section with 4.86 r&p. Earl welded up the 4 link and RMOR rear disc brake set. We had Don re-drill the axles for 6 lug.. Waiting for the 33″ King coilovers so we can bend up the RMOR shock hoops with removable x member. Then we have to fit the bobbed bed. Thank you Dean

Cj5. Jack had Earl swap an aluminum head sbc into his street beast. Earl bent up a new tube engine cross member and trans x member, to mount the billet covered 383, TH400, dana300 combo. An aluminum radiator to cool it and some RMOR drivelines. Thank you Jack

F250. Nick sent us one of his CN performance Diesel customers’, super clean ’97 4door to do a SAS with a RMOR inventory Dana 60. We tidied up the big king pin diff with inner axle seals,axle u joints ,rotors, calipers,and brake pads. For a satin black factory look installation. Thank you Nick

F350.Our ally #3 had moved to No-Dak 3 months ago to find his fortune. He was back in town this week to purchase the silver RMOR  Superduty  F350 shop truck for a driver. Good luck in all your adventures.Thank you Larry (#3)

F350. Jeff removed the ’97 mass air EFI 351 from one of our RMOR salvage inventory trucks for install in the ’92 “PreRocksPlorer” project.

F350.One of our RMOR ’97 4 door trucks has been waiting for a new Powerstroke so the time to tear down came. and Jeff pulled the dead player. Earl delivered the core to CN Performance Diesel so they can do their magic to the new bullet.

Toyota. Duane “Letorneau” dropped off Debbies Taco for some front diff work. A new actuator and they were on the road.

Nissan. A vintage Patrol followed me home on the trailer a few weeks ago. A shop in Cda had done some custom work… OMG WTF !  So a plan was made to remount the leaf spring mounted front Dana 44,with RMOR brackets, cut and rotate the knuckles for caster and pinion angle. The Th350/Nissan T-case x member were  solid mounted ..not good. We RMOR poly mounted  it. Then on to build a RMOR front drive line, rebuild the tcase and rear axle. Also mount the brake lines and set of lock out hubs. Thank you custom shop.

Scout. Cory made a deal with me he could not refuse. We are 3 linking the front Gm 8 lug Dana 44 with RMOR links, a track bar and coils. Jeff is installing a new (to his big orange Scout) 345 IH bullet, so he can hit the fields, I mean trails.Thank you Cory

back in the shop

October 11, 2011

Holly and I have been spending all the time we could on the lake. With the season so short this year combined with us purchasing the boat in August, we jammed as much into a small window as we could.  Kelsey and Matt also spent a few week ends with us on the boat. Well we took the boat out for the winter.

I am back at the shop till spring.

Last week we had Kevins Gm auto replacement, Kurts gm 5speed replacement, Ricks gm auto replacement, Jays dodge nv4500 rebuild, Nicks dodge Dana 70 rebuild,Along with Daves th400 to nv4500 swap into his 78 Blazer.

Looking forward to the Idaho Trailblazers Club night run on the 15th. The club is meeting at our property at 430 for a hotdog burn.Add some playing in the on site pit and rocks along with a special pile to crawl over. This followed by all rigs caravaning to the trail.

All are welcome to stop by and come along on the trail ride.